Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eau d'Ex

I have been smelling my ex's perfume for the past week. No idea why. The scent must be back in style or something, but it's been pissing me off. It started at work and I had to count to ten to keep the sneer off of my face while chatting with customers.

It wasn't a terrible relationship. Typical angsty teen bullshit (this was a loooong time ago), too many hormones coupled with a complete inability to communicate beyond "where should we go this time?" See? It wasn't really even a relationship...but it was the first. I guess weird details stick with you in those cases. Actually kind of frustrated that the perfume gets such a rise out of me. It was years ago, we ended on tense terms but there was no fighting. There was cheating, though...

Don't know why the perfume bugs me so much. Darce, quit holding grudges.

Over and out. God, what a lame post. I'll try for something more controversial and exciting next time. Religion, maybe. Or sex.

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